Bird & fish

Bird & fish a children story written by Eiad Mdah , Golan-heights, in 2006, and illustrated by Akram Al Halabi in 2007. The story published , in Arabic by Tamer Institute for community Education, Ramalla Palestine, in 2010. Arabic ISBN: 978-9950-326-57-6
After a year, the story published in German by AAI Afro-Asia institute, Vienna, in 2011.

Translation: Amer Abbas 
P├Ądagogische Beratung: Christiane Kyral
Lietung: Esperance Bulayumi , AAi.
Graphic/Layout: Sami Ajouri
German ISBN: 978-3-950-3040-0-8

Cover, 20.5 x 20.5 cm , 2011